Nurullah ÇÖPOĞLU, M. Sc. Student

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Chair of Material Science​

Gizemfrit Inc, R&D Center - Sakarya,Turkey

Development of Abrasion Resistant Vitreous Enamel Coating

Vitreous enamel coating technology is a highly preferred inorganic coating technique that provide
high mechanical and chemical strength as well as aesthetic properties. Due to its glass-ceramic
nature enamel coatings are used in high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and abrasion
resistant applications such as; cookware, boiler and architectural applications. Enamel coatings can
be applied on steel, copper, cast iron and aluminum alloys substrates with different application
methods mainly as dipping, wet/electrostatic spraying and electrophoretic enameling [1] [2] . Due to
their application areas, abrasion resistance of vitreous enamels is an important parameter for
lifetime and contamination performance, and it is greatly affected by the microstructure of enamel.
The amount of flaws, porosity and the surface roughness present in enamel coatings are the main
cause of the abrasion where crack nucleation and propagation results with break off the particles and
rupture of the coating. [2] [3] . The aim of this study is filling the gap and providing useful information
in abrasion resistant vitreous enamel coating field by investigation of the abrasion resistance and
abrasion resistant related properties of hard ceramic particle addition into the vitreous enamel
coatings via evaluating the change in mass loss, gloss values, color values and surface roughness of
the studied coatings.


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