Kağan YÜCETÜRK, M.Sc. 

Yildiz Technical University

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 



Material Science Student Society

Chairman of the Supervisory Board 



Akcoat Inc.

Marketing Jr. Specialist 


Solid State Synthesis of Calcium Carbide from Ca Rich Wastes

Calcium Carbide is an advanced ceramic obtained by chemical reaction of calcium and carbon. The calcium carbide has a nominal formula of CaC2 and a molecular weight of 64,0992 g/mol. The Brinell hardness of calcium carbide is 80 HB. The pure composition is colorless, but there is a color from black to grayish white in the production methods in the arc furnace and atmospheric furnace. This change according to temperature and impurity rate. It is density is 2.22 g/c3 and melts at 2160 °C (inert atmosphere), decomposing at 2300 °C. The main uses of calcium carbide are acetylene gas and calcium cyanamide production. In addition, calcium carbide is used in iron and steel in desulphurization, as a strong deoxidant in steel crucibles, in agriculture in the ripening of fruits and lighting cartridges are used as fuel. Calcium carbide has two wide-using production methods. In these methods, CaCO3 and CaO are used as calcium source; coke and anthracite coal are used as carbon source. Calcium rich wastes have a large area in the world, by the way we will use calcium rich wastes as source of calcium. Chemical composition of calcium rich wastes are as follows; seashells (oysters, mussels, shells), eggshells, cement, fish bone etc. Seashells are rich in calcium carbonate which contain about 96% calcium carbonate in their chemical composition. In this study, seashells might be used as a rich waste for production of calcium carbide synthesis.


Market Researches of Glass-Ceramic Coating on Glass

In this study, it is aimed to conduct market researches of glass frit, medium and pigment industries which are components of glass enamel. In addition to these studies, for each product group; researches such as production steps, quality control experiments, determining trends, improving parameters, raw material products and pricing have been conducted.

Market Researches of Galvanization Industry

In this study, it is aimed to conduct market researches of galvanized industry. With this study; firm’s market shares, usage volume, new trends, types of galvanization such as hot-dip galvanized and electro galvanized, application areas, leading manufacturers and consumers by region such as north america and middle east are examined.

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