Aykut Ak, M. Sc. Student

Department of Materials Science and Engineering Chair of Material Science​

Akcoat Inc, R&D Center - Sakarya,Turkey




Glass-Ceramic Thin Film Synthesis Via Sol-Gel Method

Sol-Gel is a well-known method for producing bulk glasses, ceramics, aerogels, fibers, nano
powder or hybrid coatings. Especially hybrid coatings with this method has lots of advantages
comes from both inorganic and organic structure [1] . Sol-Gel has good adhesion to various
material surfaces such as wood, most of the metals, glass and polymers. Also because of its low
temperature curable structure, these surfaces do not expose to high temperatures so it counts
as an eco-friendly method [2] . Instead of low densification temperature such as 150°C,
inorganic network in the film body can become relatively hard and abrasion resistant [3] . This
adhesive and hard surface resists against to scratches and keeps the body stable. Hard
inorganic network causes stress accumulations that can cause cracks in the body [4] . Organic
matrix in the hybrid coating gives Flexibility to the film body so stress and cracks can be
decreased by this way [5] . This kind of films can be used as cookware materials’ coating and
corrosion resistant on metallic surfaces. This project is a collaboration of Advanced Ceramics
Research Group with industrial, academic partners and supported by TÜBİTAK(The Scientific
And Technological Research Council Of Turkey).


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