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BSc. Student


Opportunity of joining international research and training network for group members

Pilot production of the products that valuable for any industry with partners


Consultancy, project partnership and analysis services for abroad and domestic companies

International and national articles, books and patent applications, talks in congresses



Advanced Ceramics Research Group Focuses on design, improvement, manufacturing and analysis of high technology ceramics. These ceramics take place in important areas from health to space industries and new usage areas come up with the development of these materials.


Better design for high-quality functional materials by mapping the relationship between materials structures and their physical and chemical properties through an experimental approach.


Over the last four years, we have successfully performed many research projects supported by various companies and governments.


The Advanced Ceramics Research Group offers research and vocational development opportunities for students interested in the design of microstructure, computational or experimental work or a combination of these.


ACRG has its first interns

Advanced Ceramics Research Group is going to admit its first interns at this week.







Head Office

Yıldız Technical University, Davutpaşa Campus

Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical, Departmant of Metalurgical and Material Engineering, KMB110A

34210  Esenler / İstanbul

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